Kishore M

 Kishore M

Due to his expertise in Trading & Investment industry, he was interviewed by Bloomberg, BBC and many other media...
1-      Interview with BBC

2-      Interview with Channel News Asia

3-      Featured in FX Week

4-      Featured in ET Now

See What My Students Said About My Strategies & My Trading Methodology:

1-      "I made $150,000.00 from $750 trading capital using Instant Pip strategy & Pip Maximiser strategy of Kishore M."

2-      "... One month of 22 trading days I madeprofit of $50,000 on a capital of $5,000 i.e 1000% return..."

3-      "... I was able to start making $100 per day. Then as my skill improved I started to increase this to $1000 a day ..."

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